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Memories Of Space And Time

Memories Of Space And Time

In The ladies of Brewster Place, the women find themselves in situations in that feel isolated from the whole world. Might forced to rely 1 hand another. Anxiety about also joined in community description essay by hurt. Every woman in Brewster Place has suffered or now suffers some removal. Yet the women Naylor writes about are besides victims; one woman's understanding pain and ability to survive can be passed in order to another, just as Mattie's understanding and strength help save Ciel you need to her fixing.

She chooses her words with a grinding precision of a diamond ring cutter's drill" (91). Ciel, on the additional hand, has trouble expressing what she wants to claim that. Her words "kept circling such a confusing pattern before her that she couldn't discover a method to grab even one" (91). Ciel plays the role of a child-seeking recognition. She looks to Mattie for knowledge and wisdom how to write essays to handle situations within their life. She values Mattie's experience and the most useful looks to her for motherly consent. And for Mattie, Ciel might be the perfect child. Mattie made many mistakes the woman's own son and has the opportunity correct those mistakes with Ciel.

They share similar experiences. Andrews argues that "what Mattie and Ciel come reveal in Mattie's act of primal mothering is their description essay isolation, their burden description essay of responsibility as mothers, and the loss and health of their children" (288). The entire process of becoming clean symbolizes Ciel shaking off her old life and everything negative a lot. For so long, her life has been dependent upon what her man wanted, and it led to her break down.

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Being one mother is usually a stressful situation at things. In The Women of Brewster Place, Cora Lee is often a single mother struggling to get her little kids. As a child, Cora Lee only wanted one thing for Christmas every year, a new doll. To be with her thirteenth Christmas, her father denies her a newborn baby doll. When her mother tells her that she already has too many in her room, Cora informs her that "they don't smell and feel the same way as the new ones" (109).

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