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Ambassador Friedrich Loehr


March 22, 2012

Other information

Other information:

Affiliation:     former German Ambassador to North Korea

North Korea - The Father, The Son, and The Sacred System

 The “Hermit Kingdom” of N. Korea remains belligerent – and nuclear. In 2011 it shelled S. Korean civilians on a disputed island.  Last Sunday it advised inhabitants on four other islands to leave on Monday or face shelling. In 1998 it fired a test missile over Japan into the Pacific. 
Kim Jong-Un, believed to be in his  late 20’s, has succeeded his father and grandfather as Supreme Commander of the secluded Stalinist country. 
Amb. Friedrich Löhr (who spoke to us last March on the Euro crisis in Europe)  served as German ambassador there from 2005 to 2007, and before that had studied the giant N. Korean military when he headed the Dept. of Disarmament in the German Foreign Ministry  


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