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Ambassador Patrick Binns


November 17, 2011

Other information

Other information:


Consul General of Canada to New England

The United States and Canada: Trade, Security and Looking Beyond the Border


Canada is our closest friend and biggest trading partner, but views across the border are not always the same.  Patrick Binns has enjoyed a rapid rise in the foreign service of his country, and will speak to us about those issues on which we agree, and perhaps on some on which we don’t.  He began his career in northern


Alberta as a community development officer, and moved in 1972 to Prince Edward Island where he rose through the provincial legislature, the national parliament, to Provincial Premier, an office to which he was re-elected twice. From  2007 to 2010, he served as Canadian Ambassador to Ireland.   Although currently stationed in Boston, Mr. Binns and his wife Carol maintain their farm property in PEI.   He holds a BA and MA in Economics and Political Science from the  University of Alberta.  During his service in PEI he was awarded the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal for Outstanding Public Service.

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