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Ambassador Anthony Quainton



March 4, 2011

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Other information:


former Director General of the Foreign Service

Coping with Transitions: Our Foreign Policy Challenges

The protests in Tunisia and Egypt have given us hope for change in the autocratic kingdoms and dictatorships of the Arab world.  But if change comes, there is no assurance that the new governments will be better than the old.  We are lucky that, through the good offices of George Bernardin, we have an outstanding authority on these possibilities coming to address us. 

Amb. Quainton has been, since his retirement in 2003, the Distinguished Diplomat in Residence at American University in Washington, teaching courses on Diplomatic Practice, Public Diplomacy and International Communications, Demography and Public Policy, Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy, and U.S. Policy in the Middle East.  During his career in the foreign service he was American Ambassador to the Central African Republic, Peru, Kuwait, and Nicaragua (at the time of the Sandinista Revolution). Before retiring he served also as President and CEO of the National Policy Association, and as a Visiting Lecturer at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton.  He also served from 1992 to 1995 as Asst Secty of State  for Diplomatic Security.

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