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Ambassador Goodwin Cooke


October 15, 2008

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Other information:


Professor of the Maxwell School, Syracuse Univ.

The world is awash in identity crises and border disputes.  Words we see in the media include Basques, Kurds, Uyghurs, Tibet, Ulster, Georgia, Falklands, Montenegro, West Irian, Kashmir, Taiwan, Kosovo, Quebec, Ingushetia, Chechnya, Darfur, and Rwanda.  We remember our own separatists in 1776, and our anti-separatist heroes four score and seven years later. We are fortunate to have as our speaker at the October meeting a widely respected American Ambassador, now a teacher at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.  Goodwin Cooke has developed a course on Nations and Nationalism which addresses some of the issues and dilemmas which lie behind these often bloody conflicts.We are indebted to Rod Ferris, who recruited Ambassador Cooke, an old family friend, to speak to us.   Since retiring from the foreign service where he rose to be our Ambassador in the Central African Republic, Cooke has taught diplomatic practice at Maxwell.  The most recent of his many honors is the Goodwin Cooke Award for Leadership in International Relations which is presented annually to the most distinguished student of international relations at that prestigious school.  Ambassador Cooke has published articles throughout the United States, and has had numerous public speaking engagements, and radio and television appearances, where he is  called upon to comment on international affairs.  His areas of special interest are US Foreign Policy, the Middle East, Europe and the former Yugoslavia.  We look forward to hearing Amb. Cooke’s thoughts on these wrenching conflicts.
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