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Ambassador Ronald Neumann


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Other information:

Next Meeting Tuesday, Sep 16  


Amb (ret) Ronald Neumann, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan


Afghanistan has been invincible to invaders going back at least to the start of the British Raj. 

In 1886 Rudyard Kipling wrote:

A scrimmage in a Border Station

A canter down some dark defile

Two thousand pounds of education Drops to a ten-rupee Jezail   

Afghan Jezail


Ronald Neumann, President of the American Academy of Diplomacy and former Ambassador to Afghanistan will tell us what is going on in that war-torn country.  He remains active there – and in fact will return a week after our meeting.   His experience in Kabul goes back to 1966, where his father also had served as US ambassador.    


Neumann had previously served as ambassador to Bahrain and Algeria, and had also served in Baghdad with the Coalition Provisional Authority and then as Embassy Baghdad’s principal liaison with the Multinational Command, where he was deeply involved in coordinating the political aspect of military actions. Earlier in his career, as DoS Director of Northern Gulf Affairs, he oversaw relief of Kurdish refugees in Iran and Iraq.

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